Common Area Flag Project

The Patriots Club, which is a Chartered Heritage Hunt Club, would like to install three flag poles to display the American, Virginia and Heritage Hunt flags. They are raising private funds for the purchase, installation and maintenance of these units for one year. After year one, the HOA would assume responsibility for the flag units. The Club approached the Board on this issue in January of 2017. As this deals with Common area, the Board requested that the Grounds Committee work with the Patriots Club and bring to the Board by the end of 2017 a recommendation on whether or not to install the flags and if so at what location . The Patriots Club prefers that the Flags be at the front gate behind the stone wall in the median. The Grounds Committee brought to the Board their recommendations in late September. They asked the Board to support the flag project and recommended a location. As this is not a normal Common area donation (such as Donate a Tree, Donate a Bench or Adopt a Spot, which is a standardized landscape bed) but a permanent structure, the Board would like to hear from the Community on this issue.

We would like to request the community’s input on whether or not you support this idea, and if so, whether you would like to see the flags at the front gate location. Your Board welcomes comments to us by November 26 via e-mail to [email protected] and/or attend the November 13 or 28 scheduled Board meetings and speak in resident comment time.

Post courtesy of The Heritage Hunt Horn